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Hi Breanna
master six has had really good levels for a couple of months now but it hasnt always been like that, i went back to work full time for a year when master 6 was 4years old plus i had his younger brother to look after as well (who dosnt have pku). so finding time to prepare things and count everything that master 6 was eating became very difficult. during the year i was working master 6 had levels of around 700 and they were ment to be under 480 so im not sure yet how that has effected him. its great to know that some other children with pku are sensitive as well, its also great to know that there are kids out there with pku that are ok and doing well its very reassuring. thankyou for your advise about letting him know its ok to be different we have always tried doing this, so he dose know but he still dosnt like it, hopefully one day soon he will except it.

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