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Try not to worry, which I know easier said then done right? I remember going two months once with high levels and then my dietitian thought it was because I was being allowed to many levels so she lowered my allowment alot. Well, turns out the only reason my levels were high was because I was doing alittle cheating that time, so my levels went down alot. My levels were low for about 3 months before we fixed this problem and nothing has happened to me.
I guess that question is alittle hard to answer because it always depends on the individual but I can defintally tell you one day, or one week won’t hurt him. It’s a very slow progressing type of a thing, so as long as you make sure he does get some phe in he’ll be fine. If your still worried, then maybe just give your dietitian a call to get an immediate answer, but I’m sure he’ll be okay. nBreanna

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