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Hi Breanna, nZachs levels were high for a while on and off but not really for that long. his doctor says that it wouldnt have effected him that much and suggested that something else might be causing problems.
i was talking to Zach about this web site and he wanted to come on with me. i helped him to read some of the letters that you and other people with pku had posted, he seemed a bit shocked that everyone else has problems with pku as well he now asks to come onto this web site all the time.
he is now going to school again without crying and also seems to be picking alot more up in class as well. (his teachers are amazed and so am i) his concentration is amazing and so is his memory. he now says he was crying and doing bad at school because he hated being different. and even though i always tried to explain that it is ok to be different it didnt seem to sink in until we came onto this site .
i was really starting to think there was something wrong with him. but he is now doing great thanks to you and everyone else on this site Thankyou

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