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That is wonderful that Zach is doing good now! Sometimes it helps just to know your not the only one having trouble now and then. Anytime you want I can leave a message for Zach that he can read just for him it you want.
I have a sister who is 8 and has PKU, and I’m sure if I got her onto the computer I could help her type a few lines to him aswell. By the way, there is a PKU game online for littler kids, mys ister played it and absolutely loved it! She even got my two other sisters (Dani 10, Faith 6 Non-PKU) to play and they liked it too. I think I posted the site somewhere in the Parent Support section.
My mom, doctors, dietitian, genetic counselor and teachers all have noticed a great change in me aswell. Back in September my levels were all around 10-12mg/dl (and they’re supposed to be 2-6mg/dl) and now my last 3 levels were, 2.4mg/dl, 4mg/dl and 2.2mg/dl! At my last appointment my doctor, dietitian and genetic counselor said I seemed alot happy then I did back in September. nBreanna

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