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Actually I’m dealing with somethings like that right now with my friend Sam, and I’m choosing to ignore her as of right because if I don’t things won’t end good.
I have never had issues with my friends before her (and she was like my best friend from 4th-8th grade…we’re still friends just not as great as before) and it hurts because we were such great friends and clearly we aren’t anymore. Anyway, she’ll say things like “Eww, Breanna’s drinking that nasty stuff again!” Because I bring both the XPhe Maxamum drinks and the PKUexpress coolers to school, I seriously can’t tell if she’s joking or not! Because she isn’t the most serious person so she jokes alot.
So as much as it hurts me to do this, I just decided to avoid her before she starts avoiding me. It’s just saving me from having to hear the rude remarks and feel down, I’ve started hanging out with my other friends who are the MOST understanding friends I’ve ever had! So I guess try to ignore it, if it doesn’t get better then try and find out if she is serious or not. If she is, then you seriously need to have a talk with her, because food is foods so to loss a friend over what your eatting or not eatting is just dumb. That’d be like her not being friends with somebody because they’re a vegetarian. Anyway, I really REALLY hope things work out for you because I know exactly what your going through and it is seriously stinking! nBreanna
ps if you guys want to check out this website, it has alot of active people there…they’re mostly adults in they’re 20’s and 30’s but they are SOOO extremely helpful!

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