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I think that is absolutely adorable that your younger kids want to eat like their big brother! My sister (Danielle is 10) loves to try all the new foods and formulas I get. She doesn’t really like the taste of the formulas but still likes to see what her sister is drinking.
Then my cousins (Tyler is 7) has always wanted to eat just like me and my little sister since he was little. Anytime I’m at his house or if we’re both at my Grandma’s he always insists on having my low protein noodles with tomato soup aswell. So he sometimes eats my low protein food with me becuase it seems like the tables flipped in his case, it’s not me and my sister wanting to eat like him but he wants to eat like us!! It’s so cute, we don’t really ever worry about him eatting our low protein foods once in awhile because Wisconsin provides it for us so cost isn’t an issue.
As for the meat, Ack! Never liked it (no offense ) Me and my mom went out to eat about 2 months ago and I ordered a salad and forgot to ask for no bacon. So it came out with bacon on it and I just decided to pick it off, well I missed a piece. If you all could have seen my face when I realized I’d eatten it, it was precious! Let me just say I don’t think I’ll ever eat that again. My parents were semi-vegetarians when I was younger until around when my little sister was born. I personally don’t think it really effected me much different from PKU teens I know who had parents who were full vegetarians or big meat eatters. nTruth is, when your children go to school or grow up and start working, they will be around others who eat meat and there isn’t much you can do about it. So in my opinion it would be best to get them used to being around things they can’t eat so they know that it is okay to be alittle different. But I don’t know that’s just my thinking. nBreanna

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