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Hi Sarah,
I didn’t know your boyfriend was in the military. It’s hard to see families seperated because of war. nAs for your daughter’s diet, start practicing now while you have him home to help you. We write down what Easton eats on a calendar through out the day. That way we have a running total of how many Phe’s he’s had. Another trick I started doing is writing the Phe content of foods on the containers. Like on his box of Gerber Oatmeal I used a permanent marker and wrote 25Phe/1 Tablespoon. On the containers of Gerber foods, like Garden Vegetables, I write 99 Phe. That’s the value of the whole container. That way I know without having to look it up all the time. Some stuff I still have to look up, like bananas. I never remember the value of bananas!

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