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I am sorry I havent responded… I believe that he was covered under title 19 (medicade)when he was boarn but then my friend got a new position at work that came with higher wages and then insted of the company continuing with a group coverage plan they switched to an individual plan and the mom went to work part time to help out for medical costs and such to help with the costs of PKU. now the baby is 4 yrs old and they cant get any assistance but cant afford every thing on their own. This seems to be the problem for a lot of people. Here in Wy. (that we know of) there are only 4 or 5 cases of PKU and I think that is also an obstical for them because that isnt many people and no one wants to help such a small group. they have looked for help in so many places and have been turned down so often that they are ready to move to a state that has program in place to help them. the unfortunate part is all their family is here and they have lived in wy. for 25 + years (we are in our 20’s)
I came accros this sight and every one is so kind and generous god bless you all for helping us out
thank you also codys friend

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