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I have wondered about this myself. The more I read and understand PKU – the more I see that no two people with PKU are the same just as it was mentioned in this post.
I do sit back and feel blessed for the gifts I have been given that allow me to do the things I do. I was taken off the diet by age 6 and placed back on the diet when I was 23.
I will say – while I was able to “function” off-diet, I can look back and see things in my life that I would never do, say, or feel if I were on-diet at the time.
This my first post! I’m so glad to finally find a forum for adults with PKU that is active! Please feel free to contact me! I’m looking for some friends with PKU to share my diet with. It is very difficult for me at times.
David Harris nAdult Living w/ Classical PKU nLast Blood Level : 7.6

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