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That really stinks that his company did not offer better coverage. Now that the baby has been with some kind of coverage for more than 61 days an insurance company can deny PKU treatment as pre-existing. Many policies will not cover pre-existing conditions without you having to pay a large fee first. Also some insurance plans will not cover PKU charges as they are considered dietary rather than health related. These would be things to keep in mind and ask when your friend contacts insurance companies. Also ask how long the pre-existing clause lasts.
It’s unfortunate that these circumstances are making this so difficult for your friends. I’m sure they don’t want to move away from friends and family. But if it comes down to that may I recommend Wisconsin. Formula and some basic food necessities (baking mixes, noodles, rice, etc.) are provided by the state. Also there are enough families that we try to get together once in a while. My family and I live in western Wisconsin, right on the Mississippi River. We travel up to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for Easton’s appointments. It is a very nice children’s clinic. In about two weeks they are offering a culinary (cooking) expo.
I’m sorry I didn’t have better insurance advice/news. nTell them to keep their chins up.

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