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David- nFor me, I just kept drinking the formula over and over again to get used to the taste. In the past if I didn’t like a formula the first time I tried it I would have given up and refused to drink it. But back in Septemeber I got a new dietitian and long story made short, since I was litertally a baby until last September I had a dietitian who basically made me miserable and made me hate PKU. But like I was saying, when I got a new dietitian I really wanted to impress her so I decided I would try to get used to the taste and so after about 2 weeks of drinking the coolers I started to actualy like them…but sometimes I still have to either eat or drink something else after I drink my formula to get rid of the after taste. With the XPhe Maxamum I liked those from the first time I tried them.
But if you really don’t like it maybe you could try the XPhe juice boxes or see what your other choices are. By the way I saw in your last post that your last level was 7.6 congrats! That is alot better then it could be! nBreanna

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