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I don’t know its wierd but I don’t really mind i’ve had trouble with this girl before so I have always been on my gaurd. I’m tough…tough as nails…i’m like super girl. nBut it doesn’t matter she was never that great of a friend anyway. But the one relationship that i’m worried about is the friendship between me and my crush. He’s been avoiding me and its wierd he’ll flirt with me then the next day, its just a half smile. He also doesn’t talk to me when his b-ball buddies are around. But he is soooooo nice to me when they arn’t around. nBut what happened was this girl who does not like me assumed that when my crush waved at me and I smiled I like him and she told him. I don’t know if thats true or not but I kinda hope not because then, maybe his friends found out and are picking on him about me.
well g2g
signed, confused in love

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