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Hey Breanna,
No I have never gone to PKU camp I didn’t even know that there was one. nThat would probubly be me to sitting out with my nose in a book pretending to read. But really listening to everyone talking to each other and waiting for someone to come talk to me. I don’t like being shy either. Its really annoying. nToday at school the most embarassing thing happened. This guy who sits next to me at lunch screamed in my ear and I let out a shriek and fell off of the bench. I don’t think my crush did but all these other boys did. And I also did this in front of my ex-best friend. That I was happy about because it showed I didn’t need her and i’m independent. nBut it did remind me of my crush ’cause he really liked to scare me to no end. And he liked to make me scream, him and his brother. They always make me scream my head off. nLatta nKelly

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