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Aww, sounds like you had an interesting day.
Yeah, I’m not sure where they all have camps, I know some states have maternal PKU camps and then I think in Texas they have a few camps. But anyway I’ve never gone and from what I’ve heard from others in Wisconsin who are going to camp and around around 15 or 16 they’ve all gone before so most of them will know eachother…and I won’t. I’m the type of girl that once we know eachother I talk none stop but if we don’t I’m shyer then ever. Like if you and me met in person today I would be so incredibly shy just because we’ve never met, but if I were with my friends it’s like I’m a total different person! But I guess we’ll see how it goes in July.
I was curious, how often do you guys do your blood tests? We do ours every month.

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