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Hello everyone. I have been registered on this site for some time but so much was going on that I just forgot to even check it. I updated my profile just a little bit ago and added some pictures on there.
I am Missy. I am 32 yrs old and classic PKU. I have never been off of diet so my experiences are a bit different from alot of you that have posted as you all have been off of diet.
I am currently pregnant with my first child. We are having a little girl. My phe levels since before pregnancy has stayed pretty much between 2-4 mg/dl. The baby is doing great and developing according to schedule. I see a high risk obgyn not just cuz of being PKU but also because of my history of endometriosis which caused a miscarriage in 2003 (my levels were at 5 at that time so we know it wasn’t the PKU…. they did tests and found it was due to the endo), and also cuz of the history of type 2 diabetes on my dad’s side of the family. I don’t have diabetes but they watch me closely for gestational diabetes cuz of the family history. At my first appt. they did the glucose test (usually done at 28 weeks) as they wanted to be on the safe side cuz if I had it then I would have to take insulin injections cuz you can’t change the pku diet while pregnant. But thank god it came back normal. They will repeat the glucose test at my 28 week appt.
Ewww, the baby right now is kicking the heck out of me lol. Very active little girl in there.
I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello and if any of you would like to talk feel free to get ahold of me. I will be checking this site regularly.
Missy Badalyan n32 CPKU nAkron, OH n26 weeks pregnant

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