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The great thing about this post, is that it applies to business lunches which take on a complete different level of pressure. The need to “FIT” can be tough and I find that I can struggle with the diet in front of people who would not understand the diet in a 5 minute monologue. Keeping it simple and sticking to the vegetarian diet approach is the easiest way to explain.
I used to travel 3 weeks/month for my company and I would stick to salads and potato products as mentioned previously in this post. Most continental breakfasts offered fruit and high sugar cereals which I would dive into.
Be careful on a date when eating a salad as you can get the leaves in your teeth… Makes for a difficult good-bye @ the front door!
Honestly, replying to these posts are very good for me and my diet as it helps me to form my thoughts about the diet which is my life. Thank you for reading these post.
David Harris nAdult Living w/ PKU

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