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No that’s okay, everybody has busy lives sometimes. Did you figure out why they were that low?
Anyway, when levels are too low the body doesn’t have enough Phenylalanine which also means that when Zach’s Phe levels are low he also probably isn’t getting enough protein either. So basically from what I know his body would start to eat away at the protein in his muscles which would make him tired or weaker and he could possible get a headache. His body can only process alittle bit of Phe and the little bit that it can proccess it really needs because if he doesn’t get that little amount then his body will begin to break down his muscles looking for Phe.
I hope this helps and I hope you guys can bring his levels up alittle bit. I’ll talk with my little sister and see if she wants to type alittle (which I’m sure she will), but she’s getting ready for bed so I’ll have to do it tomorrow. nBreanna

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