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When I was in the navy I wasn’t able to drink my formula. My levels are around 6-11, even in the navy, and I have mild PKU. I am struggling to get my levels down to between 2-6 I was eating mostly low protein foods but I was also eating things like chicken every so often, and sushi (I was stationed in Japan). My experience with this was not good. I started to get tremors, memory loss (which is still affecting me today), weight gain and the ability to build muscle, and something that I associate with memory loss; like tip of the tongue syndrome, I knew what I wanted to say and I just couldn’t spit it out or process it in my brain. I hope that makes sense to someone besides me I also suffer from lack of concentration, and I pass all the tests for ADD, although I have never been treated for it. I also had severe exzema, and developed seasonal allergies. I have heard that going off diet could lead to the development of seasonal allergies, but I am not sure how accurate that is. I have also heard that going back on diet will eliminate these problems. But I have never been strict enough to really know if that is true or not. Currently I am drinking my formula and eating mostly fruits and vegetables; although today I did have some tuna and chicken nuggets. nBut despite all of these problems I have experienced I graduated with honors from college and this fall I will be starting an MBA program. But I think that college would have been easier if I had been on diet completely. I support everyone who is on diet and those of us struggling with control over our diets.

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