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Hi Kristi
I think it is normal to freak out when you first find out that your child who looks perfect has pku, i know i did. my son has classical pku and is now 6years old.we have our good days and our bad days with his diet and it frustrates me when he gets sick and his levels go high because there is nothing i can do about that.some days i feel like giving up but then i think about what he can do, and i know that it is because of my persistance with his diet and formula he is doing well at school, plays foot ball and races motorbikes. i know it is scary to think that you hold your childs future in your hands but try to take one day at a time, thats what i do. I am sure that your girl is going to be just fine
question) what type of pku does she have?
question) what country do you live in?
question) is she your first child?

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