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hi i am back: my name is
mary-jo i have been off the dite sence
i was eight years old. my mom just did what
the drs told her too do. so i dont blam
my mom,or dad 4 this it just happiened. i was born in 1961 they did not know any thing about this not even the drs 4 pku
it was very new even the 1 dr that knew very little back then
he worked in nyc then we had 2 go there, another dr wanted 2 study us i calf. wanted our family to move there. we were the
very 1st family in oswego to have a family of 4 kids and 3 of us has pku very rare drs said. my oldest sister has told me
about getting alot of brain tests done when i was basiclly
a baby in nyc.
thank you
for listing

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