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I’m more then willing to help you out the best I can! I come from a family of seven (I’m the third) and me and my 8-year-old sister, Erica, both have PKU. We are just as normal as all of our other siblings, we just eat alittle bit differently, have to drink our formula and do blood tests. If anything I personally think that PKU has made me stronger and more determined then some of my siblings because I have to watch more carefully at what I eat and I defintally learned math younger then them (which had to do with learning to count my phes at a young age).
I’m a good student in school, I dance tap jazz ballet and pointe, I help teach two dance classes at my dance studio, I will be tutoring at my sisters elementary school soon, I go out with friends and my cousins all the time and I’m planning to go to college after highschool. Erica is also in dance and is doing great in school, although she is alittle more talkative then her classmates. What I’m trying to get at is despite my slightly different diet I’m not different then my friends and family and I’ve also met many adults with PKU who have grown up and are now very successful!
I guess with your daughters older sister who is only 15 months apart just start teaching her and letting her know what her sister can and can’t have. With the older children just try to share all of the information that you get with them, maybe even take them along when you go to doctor appointments so that they have a chance to ask questions that they might have about their sister. Truth is that PKU is more of a family thing, it will take cooperation from everybody so it’s only fair that everybody gets their questions answered.
I hope this helped and let me know if you have other questions! nBreanna n15 w/CPKU

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