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Arkham, Hi my name is smorff and i am 36 yr old female with classic PKU .Just wanted to let you know of a new med for PKU it is called Lanaflex. I have a very hard time staying on diet and this med gives me alot more freedom with what FOOD I can eat.. I get to eat no more then 6oz. of meat on Monday ,Wed,Fri, I can have just about anything Pasta etc.
This new med you take 1 pkt.(1/4cup to 2oz. water) I like to take it with hi c orange drink but I use 1 cup not 2oz… nThis med protects your brain and keeps your body from asorbing the phenylalanine.. Just something for everyone to think about. This can only be taken by people over 18 (adult) ones who have trouble with staying on diet..
I love it!!!!!!! Lot’s of new stuff coming out at end of year.And working on enzyme replacement therapy ( hope I spelled all that right I’m sure you can make it out)
nGood Luck to all Smorff

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