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Hi Auntie
I had a lot of trouble getting Zach to drink his formula when he was that age, but i dont think it ever took 2-3 hours. He didnt stop drinking it out of a bottle until he was in preschool. when he first gave up his bottle i used to make it up very weak and he would drink it out of a cup through a straw. he now drinks it out of a pop top 6 times a day which is much easier. I know alot of people mix different flavours in the formula and like it but Zach thinks it makes it taste worse so he’d rather drink it straight. there are different types of formula he has tried any others? maybe there might be a different one that he will like.
Everything he eats does need to be counted and it is always good to keep a record but I find I dont have the dicipline to write everything down in a journal everyday so I just write it down on a peice of paper everyday.
I hope this has been of some help

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