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Thanks Keisha for your reply. The reason it takes 2 – 3hours is that we are also dealing with severe behavior problems. We give him his formula after breakfast and he has to finish it before he gets down from the table. It measures about 1 cup. Then he has lunch and formula again. Then we repeat this for supper. He has just given up his bottle about a week ago. He would have his bottle with formula at home and a cup with juice at school. I wonder how much protein he is allowed in a day. That must depend on how much he weighs and how old he is. His levels are not very consistant. They are all over the board.
Is ezcema and asthma part of the pku problem. When his skin is at its worst he scratches all day and all night. He scratches until he bleeds and his skin opens up into slits. Some of these slits are so deep I expect to see bone when I put his cream on. Any ideas other than gloves and cold packs on how to get him to stop scratching. nAuntie

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