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for my son,
thank you for your input on my situation but i think my daughter may not be a hyperphe as you describe it. I was just wondering if your son has ever had a fever and his levels have gone up because of it. Because my daughter was just in the hospital from the 24 till the 26 and on the 23 her levels were at a 5.6 and then on the 25 they were a 8.8 the nurse that i talked to told me that it may be from the fever and the antibotic which i hope that is the case otherwise her levels are going up very quickly which is very scary to me. i think that i am freaking out now more then i was before because i cant tell what is gone to happen day by day. And if her levels go up too high my concerns are what is gone to happen to her and how stick of a diet will she have to be on. I know this is something that you may not be able to answer but just talking to someone else sometimes just helps a little more. Because in 4 weeks of her life i have found out she has pku then she was in the hospital with a high fever had every test done possible and now her levels are gone soo high im really scared. So once again thank you soo much for being able to talk to someone about this. And if anyone else can give me any information please do so i will appresiate so much.
thank you heather

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