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Okay, so i was like reading most of these posts n all. Me n my bro live in Michigan.
I’ve heard that our neighbors have called Max retarded and stupid n everything like that. He also has a speech problem because he had hearing problems which just got fixed recently by surgery.
He understands that he is different and cannot eat the same things as we do. Our dad is a REALLLLLLY big meat eater- steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. But he knows that he can’t eat them, n he’s just perfectly fine with peas, corn, and especially potatoes!!
He’s stick stuck on bottles…only because he won’t switch to the special cups his clinic sent for him. He gets Mead Johnson Phenyl Free 2 formula powder.
i think that it would be pretty cool for him to meet somebody who also has PKU.
Our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents know that he has PKU and they’ve been really supportive and helpful with maintaining his diet.
I still get questions about PKU even though i don’t have it. this year for a class i have we had to give a presentation on something that we have researched and stuff like that. i gave it on PKU. When my friends hear me saying that my brother has PKU, they always ask what it is, n i try to explain to them as best as i can. It’s pretty cool.
But wow, this is a long enough post.

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