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In my family (of 7 kids) both me and my sister Erica have PKU.
That’s awful that somebody would call your brother retarded, but that is great to hear that he understands that he’s different and there is nothing wrong with that!
If he is still on bottles let your family know that they probably shouldn’t worry about it. I drank from a bottle until I was about 3. Then I was on a sippy cup until I was about 7 and even after that I still liked to drink my formula with a straw for a long time. I drink Vitaflo PKUexpress coolers and XPhe Maxamum juice boxes, but I’ve gone through so many different formulas that you name it and I’ve probably had it at one point. My sister on the other hand has been drinking Phenex 2 unflavored since she was about 2 and she is 8 1/2 now.
I’ve done reports on PKU before, alot of my friends ask questions about it and I don’t mind answering. nBreanna

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