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I know it’s not easy sometimes, but hang in there! Please don’t go off your diet, I would hate to see that happen. From what I’ve heard from all of the adults that I know who were off their diet at one point or another, they all regreted it and are back on their diets because of that.
Even though at times it might feel like your alone in this your not! Trust me there are many other PKU’ers out there and just because they maybe aren’t on your block doesn’t mean they aren’t around.
Just hang in there and remember even if it is hard sometimes, there are so many other things out there that we could have to deal with! If you really are feeling this down about PKU, maybe you could talk to your doctor or dietitian about this? See if they have any ideas on how to help you feel more comfortable. nAnytime you want to talk you can email me at I’m always here if you ever need any support! nBreanna n16 (on Saturday) w/CPKU

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