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I know this all might be very hard for you, your daughter and rest of your family to understand seeing as it’s new, but given time it will just become a part of life. Here is the link to another post that I posted with a rough break down about what PKU is.
If you have any questions about this feel free to ask away! You grandson will be just fine, he will just have to eat alittle differently, check his blood and drink a special formula.
For myself, and my sister, PKU is just second nature. When I eat something I don’t even think about looking up foods in my phe book and measuring the food out, because I just do. I’m so used to figuring out how much Phenylalanine is in food before I eat it and measuring it out that I just do it on an instinct. My only advice to you, your daughter and all other family memembers is to stay strong, support your grandson, educate him about his PKU and let him know that it’s perfectly fine to be different. nAlso, let your daughter know that she did not ‘give’ him anything. This was just the way things worked out and it might take alittle adapting to, but her son will be fine. There is no way that she could have predicted this and it is in no way her fault!! nHang in there! nBreanna n16 (on Saturday) w/Classical PKU

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