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Thanks for the kind words from someone so young you seem to have it together. I went with my daughter to the Metabolic specialist, her husband stayed home with their 2 year old. The Dr. kept saying – Normal Child, Speical Diet, that’s it. So that’s become my daughter’s mantra, normal child, special diet and it helps. I try to calm her down and let her talk it out and it’s a little better than it first was. It is a bit of a shock but now that he’s all of a little over a week (and very cute I must add) she’s kind of adjusted to it and it’s not a big deal. When he gets older and is off of the PHE formula then the Dr. said we’ll deal with the foods at that time. We were at the Dr.’s for about 3-1/2 hours. They had the Dr. the dietician and a nurse and were very thorough and answered all our questions and fears, they were extremly helpful and patient with us. It eased the situation a great deal. So off we are on the next leg of our adventure. His sister I think is going to be very protective of her brother, she already cries when he does…. :-) Thanks for having this sitesite I found it to be very helpful.

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