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Lol, I agree with Meaghan. While all the other girls around you are getting fat from eatting and eatting most of use won’t. I’ve been called health nut, meat hater, animal lover and all those names but never poisonious kid undercover but I have to admit it is fun…but probably not when your alittle kid.
That’s one huge pain, when my friends go out to eat. I dance and sometimes after our performances lately me, my older sister and a few of our friends have been going out to eat. It’s a pain to figure out what to eat, exspecially when my friends have desserts, but I make due. My thinking is food is food, when you go out to eat with friends it’s not so you can enjoy the food it’s so you can have fun with your friends. nOne more thing, cambrooke foods are amazing! nBreanna n16 w/CPKU

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