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I looked for any names or numbers I could find that might be helpful to you. This is what I found:
Pediatric Metabolic/Genetic Consults Available: Dr. Susan Root, M.D., or Dr. Claire Leonard, M.D., pediatric metabolic service at UNM. Call UNM PALS line 272-2000 (Albuquerque area) or 1-888-866-7257 (Outside of Albuquerque) and ask for Pediatric Metabolic Specialist on call.
Wanda Yazzie at (505) 827-2362
New Mexico Department of Health nPublic Health Division nOffice of Epidemiology n1190 St. Francis Drive nP.O. Box 26110 nSanta Fe, NM 87502-6110
These first two are names and numbers I found in articles on the internet. But I thought it at least gave you a name. You never know they could refer you to some else who could help.
Children’s PKU Network n1520 State St., Suite 240 nSan Diego CA 92101 nPhone: 619/233-3202 nFax: 619/233-0838 nE-mail: This site had some helpful things. There was a crisis link. You can submit a request for help to them. nThis site has many helpful links. nThis is the PKU and Allied Disorders of Wisconsin. About 20 years ago they petitioned the stated government and now we are able to recieve formula and some other basics from the state. Maybe someone could give you tips for approaching your state representatvies.
You could look on the March of Dimes website too.
I better get back to work. Let me know if you have any success.

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