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Just take a deep breath. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with CPKU in March, she was just 8 days old. I like you and so many others, didn’t know what PKU was or what it did. Freaking out is perfectly normal. You have a right. I think we all go through that. My daughter is now 4 months ond and doing wonderfully. All I can say from experience is just take one day at a time, no one expects more than that. My husband and I came to realize in time that it could be so much worse than PKU. We are so fortunate that’s all it is. That’s something we can control and she’ll be fine. I know I’m new at this too, but having a positive attitude is contagious. If we are down and stay down, how would that make her feel as she gets older? We are just now getting to start some “real” food besides her formula. It scares me to death, but I know I can and have to do this for her. Just as I know, you’ll do this for your child as well.
Lynette nMom of Ella w/ CPKU

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