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Hey, nThere are soooo many different formulas now. Some are powders, premade juices, pills, candybar types, things you can mix into foods etc. I drink the PKU express coolers made by Vitaflo and also XPhe Maxamum juice boxes by SHS. They’re both premade so I just shake them and drink. I’ve been on alot of different formulas in my life (any kind you can think of I’m most likely tried before). I was recently on Phenylade Chocolate which is a powder and then before that I was on a bunch of other Phenylade formulas and Phlexy-10 products. I was also taking Phenex chews (which looked kind of like tums) but Ross discontinued making them.
My younger sister drinks Phenex-2 Unflavored which is also a powder. Alot of people still drink the powders I think, it’s just that there are so many other things coming out aswell that alot of people are trying those too. nBreanna n16 w/CPKU

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