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Hi celina
im 25 and from dublin ireland too.
I am also on strict diet as im trying to conceive at the moment. nMy levels have been between the 150 and 250 mark since march so it hasnt been too bad they were too low for a couple of weeks and im onow on 16 exchanges. Last level was 241 so if its any higher this week ill have to go down to 15 exchanges i think.
How are you finding it i found it hard at first becuase since my early teens i hadnt been great on the diet i never came off it but wasnt strict at all. But now over the last few months its gotten easier and the bread is much nicer now than when i was young.
Im lucky cos i have mild pku and have always been allowed a good few exchanges.
Id love to hear from you again as we have so much im common.

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