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sorry about that I see you have written she in your first post (my bad). nZach has days where he will just hate having pku and being different from everyone else,we also have two other children who are younger than zach who don’t have pku and some days i just wish one of them did because I think it would be easier for zach to deal with. somedays zach will stomp his feet and sream and scream and scream so loud that it feels like your heart is about to break in two and all I can do is hold him reassure him that it is ok to be different. somedays he will say things like I cant wait until Im an adult then Im going to eat what ever I want to and you wont be able to stop me.
then there are the days when I go to watch him play football and he scores a goal, or when i watch him race around on a motorbike track or when he brings home a report card with A’s and B’s on it and, he gets so excited, these are the best days because I know that 60 odd years ago none of this would have been possible for him, and I thank God for all the people who helped give me my normal little boy.
try not to make life all about food neat to live dont live to eat

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