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Hello Daffany!
My wife and I go through the same thing. Our son “West” is now 3 years old and the variety really gets more limited with CPKU -
I will also echo to go to and purchase the rice and pasta – you can mash it up real fine (or use a blender) and add regular spaghetti sauce to is (Hunts Traditional with no meat added) you can crush up real bananas, you can purchase from WalMart the Hunts Snack Pack LEMON FLAVOR which is ZERO PHE (Banana is 53 PHE per serving).
My wife used to give West mashed up potatoes corn and peas are a bit high in PHE so make sure you use your weight scale – and if you don’t have one – I strongly urge you to get one)mashed up green beans – mashed up carrots.
We used chicken and beef boullion cubes (cut in half) to flavor some of his rice and pasta (remember to use low pro rice and pasta from Cambrooke depending on your sons PHE allowance).
There is a PKU book that lists the PHE – grams – wieght and calories for many foods – it has been very helpful. Purchase this book and it will give you good ideas.
Also go to PKUnews online (google PKU NEWS) and look at what other people are doing. At 7 months you are somewhat limited anyway – but as your baby gets older it will be more difficult to give variety so be on the learning edge now.
Keep in mind my son has CPKU and at three years of age he currently can only have 285 PHE per day and 90 grams of Phenex 2 unflavored formula – so he is quite restricted.
Take care and enjoy that baby!
TC – Father of “West” w/ CPKU (3 years old)

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