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Hmm, if you ask me that does sound alittle bit fishy. By moderate you mean Hyperphe right?
Anyway, was she ever on the diet or no? Maybe you could speak with your doctor about getting a blood tests done to see what her Phenylalanine level is. If it doesn’t come back between 2-6mg/dl or 120-360umol(I think that’s what the bigger unit is) then she probably should be on the diet.
If your doctor won’t do this for you, then get in contact with any other doctor in the area. In all honesty it’s your daughter we’re talking about, so if your concerned then it is important weither or not your doctor says it’s not. Does she see a specialist and/or and dietitian/nutritionist for her PKU? If she does maybe you should take this up with them.
I hope this helped alittle bit. nBreanna 16 w/CPKU

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