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I am going into my third year at college. I go to UNL and I know that drinking your formula is very important in keeping your phe levels down. I know it can be a pain sometimes, especially living in the dorms. But, it might help to make your formula in smaller portions, like twice per day or something. I suggest that if you don’t have a lot of storage space, or the fridge you use isn’t that big. As I was growing up, I would make my formula once every night and store it in a 1 Qrt. pitcher, now I make it in the morning and evening and I only use a 16 oz. pitcher. I just make my milk and drink it right after I make it. But it’s very important to check with your dietitian first to make sure you have the right calculations. Drinking your formula is very important, especially when you need to concentrate and do well on those college exams!

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