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Oh ic yea i was really only told about what braelyn had and that was it but thanks for replying to me. so i have a another question for you! You said a while ago that you dont even wanna eat meat bc u’ve never had it so you dont wanna try it.. well does everyone eat like that at your house like eat meat and stuff in front of you and your sister or does everyone pretty much eat the same?? I just dont know what to do its like braelyn always wants to eat what im eating and now that shell be a yea in like 2 days and have to start feeding her actual foods not baby foods i dont know what i can give her im not a big cook and its like i have to cook her something from scratch all the time so i dont know what to do. But i never really come on here so i prolly wont get your answer for a while unless you would be nice enough to send me an email bc i never come on here anymore i dont ever have the time to anymore.

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