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so im sitting here reading all your comments. wow. do wish i would have NEVER got off my diet. its been really hard for me in school and in everyday life. I find myself very emotional and on edge alot for little things. i hate it. I got off the diet at the age of 12 or 13. I got made fun of alot in jr. high for the way the milk smelled and how it would get rotten so fast. kids would make fun of me for never trying certain foods that they would have on an everyday basis. I got sick of it and bailed from it….or so i thought i did. Until i fell in love and want to start a family..but cant. I have to now train myself to get back on this diet, and let me tell you….its NOT east at all. iv been off of it for so long and know what its like to never have to touch that milk or get to eat a big mac at mcd’s or ice cream for DQ. so being almost 22 and having to basically change my life around food..has honstly been the hardest thing ever. Iam determined to do it. but i need help. i know its been so long since iv been on it. but could you tell me how you make it so easy for yourselfs in an everyday life. Without your mom or dad fixing you everything you eat and making sure your drinking your milk. I want a baby so bad…please help.

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