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I can see how that would be frightening. I’ve heard from adults who are trying to go back on diet say that they had to slowly go back on. What I mean is first they would start to drink the formula, then they would take out meat, grains (regular breads and pastas etc) and they would take one thing out of their diet at a time. nAre you able to get access to low protein foods? That would most likely make things alittle bit easier for you. You can order from places like dietary specialties, Cambrookes (, Maddy’s, PKU perspectives etc. I’m sure if you talk to your specialist doctor that your working with to get back on diet they could point you in the right direction.
I guess I’m not to experienced in this because I’ve never been off diet and had to go back on. But I wish you the best of luck with all of this! If you want you could go and there are a few adults who maybe able to help you. nBreanna n16 CPKU

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