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After reading all the post on this issue of why anyone would even consider going off diet I think that it’s a combination of all the above. The cost is absolutely INSANE but you’re stuck… you gotta do it. It’s really hard for those of us who have very limited funds ( I ‘m disabled due to never having been on diet) I agree that part of it is that some people go off- diet because they come to a point where they just want to eat “normal food” I was off – diet all my life. I am 47 and wasn’t diagnosed until I was 8. because I was 8 they never even put me on the diet. I was somewhat of a prodigy in that I was the first person they’d found anywhere who was late diagnosed with untreated PKU who wasn’t mentally retarded. They told me I was a celeberty. This meant nothing to me. All I knew was that I was REALLY SLOW in school and barely graduated HS and am disabled unable to keep a job due to having PKU that was never treated with a restricted diet. I would N-E V-E-R even think about going off- diet. People go off diet for a number of reasons and all have trouble at times sticking to it, but if you want a normal happy healthy life stay on the diet a decision to stay off diet could have catastrophic results( not right away it takes years) Why risk it?????

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