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Im polly smith. I live in england in the south west. I am 20 years old and im engaged. Me and my partner really want a baby. I have a little sister who is 15 also with pku it makes it easyer to have someone with pku we are very close shes my other half. But we are the only two living in the south west and i have no one to talk to about planning a baby. I would like to talk to some one that is planning to have a baby and some one who has had a baby to let me know what to exspect. Iv had a appiontment with dr webster and iv been planning for 2months now iv kept in the 100-250 range all this time but im still nervious tho. I do my bloods twice a week till im pregnent which ill have it done 3times a week and ill have a deep blood vain test once a month. I would love to talk to some one any one and also have a friend. hope to hear from some one soon.

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