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I would just like to let you know that there are plenty of snack and stuff that he can have. My daughter just turned a year and we have been giving her gerber graduate stars which melts in the mouth for easier eatting and they come in lots of differnt flavors and they are between 21-29 mg of phe for 80 of them, so they are very low. We also give her veggie crackers also gerber graduates and that is 17 mg phe for 10 of them, also not so bad.
Im am actually opposite of you im am more scared getting her off the baby foods, bc i dont know what to giver her, i personally believe that it gets harder as they get older bc i have to take her off the baby foods very soon, and dont want to, its much easier. Now i give her melons like watermelon or catalope, those are her favorite.
I keep a book with me at all times and write down how much phe she has had as the day goes buy and keep track and if her amout if very low and she wants something like an arrowroot cookie, which is 20 mg for 1, she can have one if there is enough for her to have it. nBraelyn has had very low low level not even getting to 1 and we have been told to hike it up to 95 mg a day and our dietition told us to try and have that exactly, bc they are figuring how much she can have bc her being so low. But ever since we started that book, no she is at 3.3 they said is where they want her to be.
I hope i have helped you out somewhat!! n~Sarah~ nBraelyn’s mom

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