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Sorry it took so long for me to say anything. I have a 1 years onld daughter with CPKU. nWhen i found oiut i was just like you were. I even cried, and it was my phone that the doctor called us on, so i had to try and explain it to the father and i barly could, bc i could not stop crying. But we took our first trip to the childrens hospital to meet with the PKU specialists and i calmed down they are very caring and always there to talk to you. They let me know that it was normal to feel how i felt and crying is a way that alot of people handle it and not to feel bad, we didnt do anything wrong.
I also had tons of people asking questions, but i had family who looked up stuff them selves, and told me things. My aunt freaked out, she went around saying everyone with it had blonde hair blue eyes and alot of them dont live to the age 3, which go tme very mad bc THATS NOT TRUE but she thought she knew.
I still feel that i will mess up, and im scared i already did mess up, even though i know i havent. nShe is my first child, and im very thankdful that she has me and her daddy, i glad i have him he is so smart and knows everything, if i dont understand what people tell me, he will explain it to me so i can understand. nThe part about worry about what she can eat later, i took it as it came i didnt want too much info right away, so i didnt forget it , we wanted to take it one day at a time b4 solids i only wanted to know about that stage when she got to cereals i only wanted to know that and then baby foods ect. Now i have to know the rest bc now she has to statr on table foods. nGood luck with everything!! n~Sarah~ Braelyn’s mom

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