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I stay at home with my three kids. We wear hand me dowm clothes or from the local thiftshop its sad when you have a membershipcard to your local thiftshop, I drive a worn out minivan( I beg my husband to give it CPR alot so we do not have to deal with a car payment), going to do something special eating out or doing something as a family is a real treat, mostly when the austic daughter is good and does not cause a big scene. mostly having to buy Addy’s PKU formula. I’m envy of those who get free formula and food.
I guess I’m lucky to have a very understanding husband that knows being a full time housewife and mother is an never ending job. He has to force me out of the house to go hang out with my girlfriends without a kid. He lost his job a couple of years ago, I went back to work, he was mr. mom for two months, he told me he amired for my job as a stay at home wife and mom and how I keep everything running smooth. Every wifes dream words! nBrandi

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