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Hi Orla,
I am from the north…originally from Belfast and now living in Lisburn. I am presently waiting on the results of my levels, hoping they will be back by 2morrow! A bit nervous and stressed at the minute!!!!!!! I don’t know anyone else with PKU as i am the only member of my family who was diagnoised with it. My consultant is pretty confident that my levels will be normal as i have never really been on the diet and have had no problems so far, she thinks that i must have very mild PKU. Personally i think it may have been a misdiagnosis, i believe that i had an under-developed liver when i was born. (or maybe that is just wishful thinking!)But my levels were never high from i was 4 months old until i stopped gettiing them checked at 11 years old. I had what they called a “protein push” when i was 6 months old, when they pumped me full of protein and my levels remained low, thats when they stopped the diet. I suppose i will find out 2morrow! Keep in touch and let me know how thing go, wish you loads of luck! K x

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