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Hmm…well somebody actually asked me this at camp. I guess the coolers just taste like a citrus and then a grape drink, but I should warn you they have a very strong vitamin after taste. The berry juice boxes taste like raspberry/strawberry mamba candy (if you’ve ever had that) except not exactly as good and the orange just tastes like orange but they do taste alittle…creamy I guess you could say. But this is all just my opinion.
If you want to switch formulas they have millions of things out there. I think they have Phlexy-10 pills that you can take (but you’ve have to take ALOT) and they have so much more. Maybe you could talk to your doctor/dietitian about getting new formulas.
For camps, I’m not positive where they all are. The camp I went to was a maternal PKU camp in Wisconsin for girls 14-19 with PKU. They have a camp Phever which I think is 8-18 in Texas and a camp Phearless for 18+. You’ve probably have to ask your doctor/dietitian about this too.

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