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Hi, I realize you wrote this last year but this is the first time I’ve been on this site and thought I would respond. I also live in Indiana and I have a 7 year old with pku. I remember feeling a little bit overwhelmed with everything the first year of his life. I don’t know what specifically you need help with but we dicided in the beginning that we would be very anal about how we weigh and keep track of his food. We did this so that he would learn how to do his diet correctly, you have to be careful and not ‘cheat’ on the diet. When he is old enought to make his own decisions with his food he’ll be ready to do that. So far he has done great, the kid has more will power than anyone I know. We also did not let him try anything that was higher in phe, even on special occasions. We keep certain medium phe foods for special occasions like birthday parties, holidays, etc. We live in Evansville if you’re ever coming through! Kim

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